Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE

FollowHoliday Season is meant to  enjoy time with your family and friends, indulge yourself into delicious delicacies ( basically a cheat season where you skip of from you diet) but its imp to detox later on and follow a healthy lifestyle / diet .


Though indulging too- much during the seasonal festivities isn’t very smart, but instead of droning yourself in guilt later its better to start with some healthy lifestyle changes from the next day of New Year’s eve.

You can also make this as one of your new year’s resolutions , and try to keep it going for entire year but even if u aren’t able to continue it for long u well wold atleast balance out all the holiday fat that gained u  weight .

Attempt these steps daily to feel fabulous in no time-



People often mistake their  thirst for hunger, Also drinking  helps you to feel full.

Start each morning with a big glass of water preferably WARM with  lemon squeezed in it.

Also try a daily probiotic or even a green juice.

If possible go for green tea.

Detox water recipes don't require much! Here's how to DIY your infused water and reap the benefits of this tasty beverage.: Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure
Infuse your water with fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Add a favorite flavor or two for variety — like berries, citrus, or lavender.: Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure

 2. Go for a Plant-Based Breakfast


If you can have full plant-based breakfast  ie salads and fruits that would be great!

If not, start your new year healthy regime day  by just swapping your regular meal  with a some healthy options.

Choosing plant-based means –

putting in more of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

& Less of Fats and Carbohydrates

into your body that  can be  processed  into energy rather quickly as you would want to feel light after that week of overwhelming food.

How to make variations of an easy balanced breakfast, that includes protein and fiber, clean carbs, healthy fats and plenty of vitamins. Click to read the quick tips! Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure

3 Clean Up The Kitchen/Home

  • Its time to  make changes to your Holiday /Winter Home & Kitchen.
  • No we aren’t telling you to apprising or  expecting you to change the decor .
  • Let those Christmas trees, fairy light and the holiday/ winter candles be there.
  • The only thing that needs to be changed are those jars filled with cookies and sweet delicacies be removed  , and the candies, sweets , chocolates or any thing that you consider isn’t healthy to be but bag in the pantry / fridge .
  • Clean up the dishes and cookware & actually the entire home including kitchen to make a  fresh and healthy start.
  •  Cause The more accessible those chocolate-covered yummies and meat or cheese-laced dishes around food is ,they’re more likely to tempt you.

4.Go for Healthy Food Shopping!

Now that your kitchen has been cleaned , de-cluttered & a little  vacant ( since you just put those holiday food away)  ,

it’s time to go  Grocery and veggie  shopping for  healthy food!

  • Stock your kitchen up with Fruits and Vegetables (organic if possible),
  • frozen vegetables for easy, quick meals,
  • whole grains like oats and quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, and other beans and legumes
  • lean protein meats etc (leftover turkey breast counts!)
  • raw nuts like almonds and cashews, for quick snacks
  • unsweetened milks or yogurts to round out your meals.

Sunrise POS/Flickr Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure




5. Re-Organize your Fridge/Kitchen strategically

  • Put leftovers dishes  in the fridge towards the back & Fruit and Veggies in the front.
  • This way you’ll have to work to get the good stuff, and have easy access to the healthiest foods.
  • Your best trick is to keep the food in the cupboard / fridge below the eye level, so that you don’t see those holiday treats every time you walk in the kitchen or  open the  door  of the fridge for a snack.
  • Use silver foil instead of plastic wraps/ containers-  If  you aren’t able to see the delicious pudding, it won’t tempt you .



  • If you can swap your regular dinner for may be  tea and a toast  Or a bowl of fruits/salad.
  • And whatsoever you  eat for dinner make sure you eat it atleast 3-4 hours before sleeping , so that you body get some time to digest


7. LOWER your Alcohol Intake

  Alcohol is a source of calories. A 12-ounce beer has 150 calories; a 3.5-ounce glass of wine, 85. A margarita packs a bigger caloric punch.

Creamy cocktails such as alexanders , brandy  and mudslides  are Even worse offenders—

They are equivalent to drinking a rich dessert. The bottom line: If you’re trying to lose weight, stick with water.

8. Stay away from sodas.

Soft drinks are a major source of empty calories .

A study held at Purdue University found that when people were fed a certain calories daily as jelly beans or as soda, the soda drinkers gained a significant amount of weight, but those who ate  jelly-beans compensated for the extra calories by cutting  on other food.

hence if you crave something sweet, you should rather be  chewing it than gulping it.

If you’re seriously very thirsty, reach out  for water or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda.How to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure

9. Eat leftovers sitting down

Don’t just eat — dine. Eating / munching food/snacks on the run, Sneak a few bites out of the fridge and thinking that  your body won’t register it as a meal is a bad idea.

Just put your portion on a plate and sit on the table every time you eat. a portion of chips on yourplate  helps focus your attention so you don’t eat the whole bag.

Romantic Rustic Dining Room7 Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure



10. Incorporate Fitness into your Everyday Routine

Join a gym , swimming, PT sessions, dance class, kick boxing, aerobics etc.

If not go for a morning walk / run   or do yoga whenever you find some time.

These things help your mental health as well as your physical health.

Gigi Hadid Hates the Gym, Loves Carbs, and Just Got Her First Fitness Campaign - Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure

11. Sleep Schedule

Sleep plays a major role in controling your diet, mood, your productivity and metabolism too.

Getting around 8 hours  sleep plays the biggest role in both your physical and mental health.

Sleep deficiency may lead to  an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, stress, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

 fact: Even if you eat the exact same diet as your another person,but  you’re not getting the  required sleep , you won’t lose as much fat as them.

... ich denk immer wieder noch so gerne an die Wochen, mit Dir zusammen in unserer Traumstadt NEW YORK, ♡♡♡Detoxifying & Getting Back To Healthy after Holiday Season/NYE – Vogure




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